The Magic Thief-Sarah Prineas

Fantasy lovers, look no further. The Magic Thief is enough to satisfy your book cravings.

The Magic Thief is about a boy named Connwaer, who is orphaned and on the streets. One night he musters enough courage to steal the locus magiculicus of a wizard. Who knows what unforeseen consequences may occur?

The Magic Thief series is wonderfully written from the perspective of Connwaer. It really incorporates a unique child’s language. Sarah Prineas manages to reveal turning points to the reader at the same time that Conn does. Amazing series, again I am surprised that it’s not a movie.

Gosh, wonderful book, and with good biscuit recipes! Bonus!

-seeminglyconfident ūüôā


Uglies-Scott Westerfield

This book is wonderful. Wonderful. It reminds me of both Hunger Games and Divergent simultaneously. I liked them both, so bonus for me! 

The Uglies series is set in a dystopian future where people wait until sixteen to become “pretty”. ¬†Being pretty allows one to access special privileges, and live the rest of their life in comfort. However, until sixteen, one is considered “ugly”. Uglies and pretties do not mix.

Poor Tally Youngblood. All she wanted to do was visit her friend Peris, who had become  pretty three months before her. But by trying, she got wrapped up in the biggest adventure that ever occurred. If only she knew the emotional cost.

(Wonderful series!)Uglies Series

Quarantine -Book One-The Loners-Lex Thomas

Oh. My God. What a book. What a book. Not just a book. A series. Wow.

Time to actually review the book.

Quarantine is a book set in a post-apocalyptic kind of world. It’s a normal day at high school, when a bomb explodes, destroying the East Wing of the school.

Things go downhill from there.

The teachers are all dying of a mysterious affliction that causes them to, well, vomit their own innards. Now, the people in the school have split into different gangs, and it’s every gang for themselves. But David doesn’t have a gang. Its just him and his brother.

The interesting thing about this book is that it’s actually written by two authors. The writing team of Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies took a pen name-hence Lex Thomas.

This book is pretty adult. Actually, I’m surprised my English teacher gave it to me. Yet I was the first one who he loaned it to. Yay.

But I would only recommend this book for adults or high-schoolers. A brilliant book.

Genre: Survival-Fiction

There is another book called Quarantine: The Saints.

Artemis Fowl-Eoin Colfer





Artemis Fowl is quite possibly my favorite book series ever. Witty and humorous, yet fantasy all the way, Eoin Colfer wrote a series that made me seriously reconsider literature.

Where to begin?

Artemis Fowl is a criminal genius who becomes the first cross-species thief. He realizes that are subterranean creatures know as¬†fairies that are very similar to humans, except with abilities like flying, super strength, and being able to eat cows. He kidnaps one of them, and¬†elf named Holly Short (A tad appropriate, as she is a centimeter under three feet), and holds her¬†for ransom. Holly, who is a member of the LEP ( Lower Element Police), starts an entire siege where the elite policemen and women try valiantly to rescue here, only to be plowed through by Artemis’ manservant,¬†Butler.¬†And that is just the first book. Eoin Colfer has created some¬†holy beast of literature, and I would recommend you pay it a visit.

The Mysterious Benedict Society-Trenton Lee Stewart


Wow… Where do I begin?

The Mysterious Benedict Society is high on my fav books list. Basically, it is centered around four children who have been recruited to be spies at an Institution that is being accused of evil doings. It’s hard¬†to give you an accurate description without giving the whole thing away. Ugh!!

Well, before I betray myself and give away the ending, I will give you some boring facts.

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Suspense

Uh… that’s all ya really need to know.¬†I can’t get a reading level on this (People never¬†have any good info on books), but it is definitely kid-friendly. If a baby¬†could read, it would¬†be able to read this. However, it can¬†be a little¬†tricky for some who are used to a straight forward plot filled with action. It takes a few twists¬†and turns off the main road.

Reading over this, I’m even boring myself. One last thing-there are two other books in the series, but no, I have not got my hands on them. And¬†they are:


Bye for now! (Only one exclamation mark. Yay.)

The Book Thief-Markus Zusak


First book already? The Book Thief is a book set in WWII, where a girl named Liesel lives with foster parents, and has an average life. However, things change greatly when a Jewish fist-fighter arrives at her house, and is taken in by her foster parents. The¬†thing I really like most is the narrator. I won’t tell you too much about him, because he reveals who¬†he is as time goes on. The book has a sort of haunting quality, and WWII has never been summed up so truly than in this book. All though this book does focus mainly on Liesel, the narrator goes off on a few very important tangents that give you a view of what is happening all around Liesel.

This book I would recommend for teens/adults, simply because of the topic and the language. However, to rate this book, I would give it five-stars. I don’t even need to think about it. From the moment I finished it, The Book Thief was in my top book list. Great for those who are studying WWII. Genre: Historical Fiction.